Chatsworth 30 4L

Manufactured from a blend of selected high quality base oils and additives, CHATSWORTH monograde engine oils are designed to provide detergent/dispersant properties and engine performance to exceed the requirements of U.S. MilitaryMIL-L-2104B, API SD/CC, and Ford M2C-101B specifications. Oils of this type were in common use circa 1950-60. They can be used with advantage in almost all motorcycles, cars and classic commercials made in this period. Earlier vehicles also benefit, with much improved engine cleanliness and reduced wear. NB Many post-vintage machines have engines which can use a modern shear-resistant multi-grade such as FUCHS SILKOLENE COMP 4 20W-50. When changing from a non-detergent to a detergent type oil ensure that seals are in good condition and engine internals are clean and free from excessive deposits.

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